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Problem Solving Across Asset Classes

Saving investors time and energy while driving up the returns in portfolios

Endowment Research Group is a non-discretionary investment consultancy founded by University of Cambridge researchers. 

Outstanding Fund Manager Sourcing

Endowment Research Group has screened and selected 150 fund managers across 8 different asset classes, with a typically significant track record in generating top decile performance. These fund managers span all investment styles, geographies, fund sizes, cash flow generation, and liquidity profiles. If you are a large family office or institutional investor that is interested in accessing pre-screened top decile and top performing investments in your asset class of interest, feel free to set up a foundational deal flow phone call to help us better understand your investment preferences and priorities. 

Collaborative Portfolio Management

In addition to sourcing individual fund managers, ERG can more holistically co-manage emerging family office portfolios dedicated to achieving long-term capital appreciation through endowment model of investing. We also have experience helping family offices launch initiatives in new asset classes where they may have not had prior experience. If you are a small or midsize family office or institutional investor that is interested in additional advisory for managing portfolios in the venture capital, hedge fund, private equity, or real estate asset classes where your office  may have less experience, feel free to set up a phone call to discuss further.

Internal Strategies Focused on Compounding

If you are an accredited or institutional investor interested in exploring an investment into our internal hedge fund strategies managed by ERG principals that have generated near top 1% performance, feel free to set up a phone call to discuss further.

Complementary Networks and Opening New Markets

Through Endowment Research Group, the fund managers that we end up endorsing are able to tap into a network of influential investment relationships spanning nearly 300 multi-billion dollar family offices, pensions, sovereign wealth funds, fund of funds, endowments, and foundations across North America, Europe, the Gulf Region, Asia, and Australia. If you are a fund manager looking to tap into such a network and/or looking to set up a roadshow in a specific geographic region, feel free to set up a phone call to discuss further.


Next Steps

To fast-track your manager search and access outstanding pre-screened fund managers that fit your group's investment mandate, at no additional cost usually to the end investor, send us a note and let us know more about your current fund manager selection needs. If you are interested in results driven assistance on the investments front in a more comprehensive way across both the liquid and illiquid asset classes spectrum, then look no further. We know how to help.  

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