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Benjamin Wang

Director of Advisory Board


Benjamin Wang is currently President & CEO of Metro World, Inc., a privately-owned manufacturer and distributor of copyrighted & patented internationally certified biodegradable plastics, energy-efficient & sustainable lighting products, solar and wind renewable energy generators, and manufacturing facilities located across the globe in Taiwan, China, Europe, and South America. Metro World’s annual sales are over $100M. Metro World is currently supplying and contracted with the US Government, the Taiwan government, utilities firms, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, American Cancer Society, Stanford, Petsmart, Petco, and many others.


Mr. Wang is also currently CEO & Managing Director of HSHP Pictures and Multimedia Funds, a privately-owned private equity-style $500M fund that invests in the global entertainment industry. Capital is invested across a catalogue of film, multimedia, online-gaming, music, TV, theatre, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Targeted revenues over each 5-year fund cycle is 6-8 times the original capital.

Mr. Wang was also Co-Founder & CFO of Make Your Mark, which is an Internet-based Virtual World Platform with Grammy producers in Hollywood, CA. He sold the intellectual property and company to a US gaming company for $120M and 15% royalties for 4 years from advertising and sales. Mr. Wang also directs investments more broadly for his family office.

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