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  • Better research.

  • Better conversations.

  • Better fund managers.

  • Better asset allocation.

  • Better risk management.

  • Better returns.

  • Better outsourced family office activities.

  • Better legacy.


When working with a $100 million net worth family office, just a 1% improvement in portfolio performance accomplished through adjustments translates into a $1 million gain in value annually and $11 million gain in value over a 10 year period. That’s only a 1% improvement, which could be generated from a small adjustment in fund manager selection, asset allocation, or timing, among other variables. Imagine what a 2%, 3%, or 5% improvement in the portfolio can do over a 10-year period.


This begs the question whether anyone is 100% sure that they are putting themselves and their clients in the best possible positions over the long haul. This is not the place to be cost cutting. The long term gains justify bringing on additional advisory and solutions.


Captured Value

Additional Advisory​

“Single family offices are absolutely on the increase. Let alone domestically here in the US, but unquestionably around the world.”


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