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There is a key difference between traditional wealth management portfolios that only invest into stocks and bonds and multi-asset class endowment-style portfolios. The latter allows significantly higher degrees of managerial flexibility to opportunistically invest across asset classes, including hedge funds, leveraged buyouts, growth equity, venture capital, real estate investment trusts, infrastructure, business development companies, distressed credit, commodities, oil & gas, farmland, and timber.


ERG’s suite of offerings provides an endowment-style fund focused on fundamentally-driven, bottom-up, value-oriented investment solutions that produce consistent top-quartile risk-adjusted returns. The approach is disciplined and analytical, using a highly principled philosophy based on determining which managers we believe will offer the best risk-adjusted returns over time. The approach is execution-oriented, with a long-term focus based on conviction in the fund managers and the patience required to tactically adjust the investment fund through market cycles. Our managers seek to capitalize on idiosyncratic investment opportunities, often applying alpha-oriented strategies in a range of asset classes.


Entrepreneurial leaders are some of the smartest, most passionate people in the world. It’s not a lack of caring, but layers of complexity that may slow them in maximizing their investment achievements.



Investment Thesis
First Class Deal Flow

“Single family offices are absolutely on the increase. Let alone domestically here in the US, but unquestionably around the world.”


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