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1.  David Swensen, Chief Investment Officer of the Yale Endowment, advocates, “Thoughtful asset allocation work provides the basis for building a successful investment program.”


2.  When using a Multi-Asset Class investing approach, the rational investor seeks to maximize return while they minimize risk. The goal is to have a greater annual return with less risk and volatility.


3.  Ben Graham’s teachings to Warren Buffet emphasize a disciplined mindset. According to Graham, “Successful investing is 20% intellect and 80% temperament or psychology.”


4. When implementing ERG’s investment approach, we set out to generate cash flow – short term and long term. 


5. The ERG investment approach explores a variety of scenarios and navigates realistic expectations


6. We facilitate conversations with our investors to help them understand and cope with a realistic sense of risk / loss tolerance.


7. Our approach is built on the foundation of determining attractive asset class valuations and selection.



Guiding Investing Principles for Our Investors

“Business owners are thriving as never before, and wealth is being created at a faster rate than ever before … What this means is that there are more people than ever who need portfolio management.”


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