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Sample Selection
Hedge Fund Manager Profile

Sample hedge fund profile

In order to capture 1% improvement opportunities, we place an emphasis on doing little things right.


“Treat growth … as a science, not an art form. Follow-up with same kind of rigor at your operations management”



Our risk management program is designed to mitigate undue downside risk, limit volatility, and carefully manage liquidity utilizing our proprietary process. The table above provides a sample representative investment that we’ve researched, evaluated, and selected for our fund. Its characteristics are shown in a consolidated viewing.


The consistency of the hedge fund is desirable for investors. Since inception in 2005, an investment into the fund would have grown nearly sevenfold at a net annualized rate of 17% while posting low volatility (standard deviation of 14) for the hedge fund. The fund has preserved capital well. Its worst performing year was 2011 (-11%). The hedge fund has returned 23% six times in 12 years. Overall, the methods and growth prospects give us conviction that this fund provides an exceptionally strong investment opportunity.

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